Game Viewing

The following game and more occur here: Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyaena, Brown Hyaena, Eland, Giraffe, Burchell’s Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Impala, Klipspringer, Bushbuck, Common Duiker, Steenbok, Black-Backed Jackal, Bat- eared Fox, Warthog, Bushpig, Small-Spotted and Large-Spotted Genet, Civet, Caracal, Porcupine, African Wildcat, Banded and Slender and Selous’ Mongoose, Rock and Yellow-Spotted Dassie, Hippo, Crocodile, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Honey Badger, Vervet Monkey, Chacma Baboon, Springhare, Scrub Hare, Lesser Bushbaby.